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The understanding of the relationship between our mind & body is constantly evolving and what is being discovered will and is changing how we approach our health; mentally, emotionally and physically.

One of the key discoveries is that we have everything within us that we need to maintain our health. By understanding the relationship between our mind and our physiology, we can through two simple practices, have our health operating at an optimum level without the need of external assistance*.

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What you will learn in this workshop WILL change how you look at your health

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Get ready to challenge yourself and challenge you understanding of the relationship between your mind and body.

This Workshop will:

1. Show you the “Why” of these two practices by sharing the latest studies and research.

2. Give you a greater understanding of how you respond to stress and when you are under pressure .

3. Teach you a simple practice of breathing that will put you on the path to control of your own health.

4. Introduce you to cold immersion in an ice bath with a focus on understanding your responses better.

5. Provide the tools and focus to make these practices a regular and consistent component in your life.

Gary Carroll

Peak Performance Coach

Taylor Cecil

Wholistic Health & Movement Coach


Come and join Gary Carroll & Taylor Cecil, two Peak Performance Coaches as they share the latest research as well as the practices they use with elite athletes on the relationship between your mind & your physiology.

Why are we doing this?

Gary has personally been implementing this approach for over two and a half years. He has his own ice bath and consistently does the breathing practice almost every day. In that period he has not been sick, ill and required no medications or supplements. During that time he trained for and ran a 183km ultra-marathon and believes that these practices are a key reason why he stayed so healthy during this period. He is truly passionate about the influence these practices can have the quality of people’s lives; mentally, emotionally and physically and is empowered to share it with as many people as he can.

Taylor has been fine-tuning athletic performance and health for himself and his clients over the years. His first introduction to cold therapy was during his years as a professional triathlete, using the mechanism to increase athletic achievement and recovery. He now uses it as a practice for mental health while still getting the physical benefits. Taylor’s goal is to inform people of the method that has helped people achieve more fearlessness in their approach to life.

Our Happy Clients

Todd Neaves

“I recently completed the Workshop and it literally blew my mind…A really relaxed atmosphere with friendly people made it a really enjoyable and worthwhile experience. I suffer from Colitis and reduced Kidney function and after going to this session, I feel I’ve introduced my mind and my body to some skills that can compliment traditional medicine to provide a healthier immune system and general well being. Thanks Gary, I’ll be back for a refresher!!”

Ben Cochrane

“Had an amazing few hours with Gary learning about breathing & cold immersion. His delivery and content was amazing and I have implemented these strategies into my everyday life the past two weeks and my energy levels and sense of calm have sky rocketed! (And had the best two weeks of training to match!). Highly recommend learning about this amazing method.”

Kristy Holden

“Huge thanks to Gary at Your Mind, Your Health. I recently completed a workshop and I had such an empowering day learning the science behind the power of our own breath and the benefits of cold immersion. As a wholistic practitioner, I’m always looking for evolving methods for optimal health. Being the science nerd that I am LOVE how in-depth the information was and seeing all the research behind these methods. Absolutely so stocked to see how long I lasted in the ice bath, its amazing how often we under estimate our own ability before giving something a go. Highly recommend this workshop for everyone.”

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