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Our Workshops are completely aligned with businesses in the fitness industry. They are a value-add to your members and complement the training that they do with you. 

Our Workshops are an opportunity to show your members how much you care about them by providing them with the tools and understanding to create greater awareness about their health, their mind and their well-being.

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All you need to do is to provide the facility and let your members know about the workshop

We do all the work for you:

You provide the facility & we:

  • Provide the ice bath and the ice
  • Have projector and screen, we just need power.
  • Provide marketing material for social media and emails
  • Handle all the bookings.
  • Work with you to find a suitable time to use the facilities and that fits with your members.

Discuss with us how you can provide this workshop to your members with no cost to yourself or as a free event for your members.


Come and join Gary Carroll & Taylor Cecil, two Peak Performance Coaches as they share the latest research as well as the practices they use with elite athletes on the relationship between your mind & your physiology.

Why are we doing this?

We are both passionate about how these practices have influenced our own lives & want to share these with as many people as we can. What we introduce to your members is backed by science, research and studies, which we delve into during the workshop. Our vision is to have everybody who attends our workshops to use these practices as part of their regular daily or weekly routine.

Our Happy Clients

ACTV Strength Co

“Having Taylor and Gary come to ACTV strength co to share their knowledge on Health and mindset has been amazing. Both have such great knowledge on how to look after yourself and how the body+ mind works. It was a pleasure having them along to pass on to the members of our community. Each and every member walked away feeling inspired and confident in themselves.  

As a gym owner I love seeing our members be challenged and come through the other side, their faces light up and they walk away feeling proud and happy about themselves because they overcame an obstacle. That’s what its all about!! We can’t wait for the next one.”

Iron Zuu HQ

Your mind, your health breathing workshop at Iron ZUU HQ ❄️?

Using breathing techniques and cold immersion for mindset and health both physical and mental

A really rewarding morning for our members and some new faces too. Thanks again to Gary Carroll and Taylor Cecil for running the workshop

3.. 2.. 1.. ICE BABY!! @ The ZUU”

Will Andersen Health (WAH)

Mental and emotion health is a huge part of what I coach at WAH. Your Mind Your Health workshops give my clients a real time experience. It’s s great morning that people get results from right there and then.

Firstly there’s the stress exposure from the ice bath, which is scary! However the power lies in watching everyone grow through the experience. By applying the wisdom and tools they have just learnt from Gary and Taylor they unlock new potential within their own mind-body. What was once a weakness, fear or blockage is dissolved as new capabilities a realised. This is powerful! The benefits go way beyond the gym setting. Applying this to day to day life and knowing that we have a choice in how we perceive stress and choosing how to respond…..

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