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This Workshop is designed to give your staff an experience and is perfectly suited for staff Christmas events & other social events where the focus is to give your staff a thank you for the work they do. The workshop focuses on health, both mental & physical & also gives them the tools and practices so that they can continue at work and at home.

This workshop is held in Bundall on the Gold Coast & runs for approx 2.5 hrs. 

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Gold Coast, Australia

What they will learn in this workshop WILL change how they look at their health

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This Workshop will:

1. Show them the “Why” of these two practices by sharing the latest studies and research. A healthier employee is likelier to be more productive in the workplace.

2. Give them a greater understanding of how you respond to stress and when they are under pressure. Having a clearer understanding of the initial indicators of their responses increases the chance to minimize their impact.

3. Teach them the simple practice of breathing that will put them on the path to control of their own health.

4. Introduce them to cold immersion in an ice bath with a focus on understanding their responses better.

5. Provide the tools and focus to make these practices a regular and consistent component in their life.

6. A greater appreciation for their workplace & the team they work with.


Cold Immersion


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